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An attempt to understand the world of current events, finance and the economy on a level that allows me to teach it. I'm a journalist. Oh and the occasional post about family, life and kids!

Extremely Disturbing: Why $16 Trillion Is Only A Fraction Of True U.S. Debt

The following excerpt is from a story written by Chris Cox and Bill Archer, originally published in the Wall Street Journal. It’s such a well-written analysis I thought it really … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Psychology of Liberals & Conservatives, an Idea

I watched a TED speech recently given by a psychologist at NYU. He was speaking about human morality and individual moral roots, which focused on political roots. The talk was fascinating. … Continue reading

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The $40 Box of Twinkies…I’ll Take Three!! What. The. Eff.

Do an eBay search for “Twinkies,” or “Hostess,” or “Ding Dongs” and you will be sufficiently shocked. SHOCKED I say! Why didn’t I think of this?! I could have bought … Continue reading

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What The &%$# Is A Fiscal Cliff?!

Fiscal cliff!! Sounds scary. You’ve heard it on every network news program. You’ve probably seen it on Facebook and if you’re in those circles then you’ve been talking about it … Continue reading

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Liberal America Has Arrived And It’s Not Going Anywhere

Yet again I am trying to break down a political concept without talking politics! Why do I do this to myself? At either rate, listen up! This one’s a good … Continue reading

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Beyond Politics: Moving Forward. Where Does America Stand?

I’m avoiding politics. Whomever wins today has work ahead of them. I want to take a minute to discuss WHERE the U.S. is in terms of a few metrics, as … Continue reading

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Have a Job? The Unemployment Rate Still Hurts You

So the U.S. unemployment rate is a resounding 7.9%. Yeah you know that, but did you know it’s hurting you even if you’re employed? While 7.9% may not seem high, … Continue reading

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A Difficult Story To Tell: Sexual Assault

Originally posted on misslisted:
Recently I participated in a brief exchange on Facebook on the topic of sexual assault.  The person who initiated the discussion was upset by the comments following an article…

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Debt: Basically A Zombie Apocalypse. RUUUUUUNNNN!!!

Full disclosure: This post is based on a blog I read at The following is my work built from that. We all know the show The Walking Dead, right? … Continue reading

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Switching From iPhone to Android…It Only Lasted 4 Days

Every person I know had the same reaction: “You did what?” I was eligible to upgrade from my iPhone 4S this past Sunday. I casually strolled into the Verizon Wireless … Continue reading

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