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Wrong Turn in iOS6, a deep breakdown of the maps (or lack thereof)


This is a phenomenal breakdown of the new Apple Maps in iOS6.


My Side of the World

I’m quite the tech enthusiast and have no qualms with people who choose Apple’s iOS ecosystem although it’s no secret that I prefer Android. Apple’s iPhone provides users with a seamless user experience that is simple and does what users need well… for the most part. This is why Apple with its latest update to its iOS system, iOS6, has me and many others infuriated. With iOS6, Apple has tossed Google Maps to the side in favor of its own flavor of maps, which aggregates data from 3rd party map providers such as TomTom and OpenStreetMap (A BNP Paribas analyst says Apple aggregates about 20 different sources for its map data). Many speculate the reasoning behind this is because Apple is trying to separate itself from the Google platform. After all, Google and its Android OS hold 68.1% of the worldwide market share, according to the IDC, compared…

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