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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Debt: Basically A Zombie Apocalypse. RUUUUUUNNNN!!!

Full disclosure: This post is based on a blog I read at The following is my work built from that. We all know the show The Walking Dead, right? … Continue reading

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Switching From iPhone to Android…It Only Lasted 4 Days

Every person I know had the same reaction: “You did what?” I was eligible to upgrade from my iPhone 4S this past Sunday. I casually strolled into the Verizon Wireless … Continue reading

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When Our Heroes Fall: Lance Armstrong

I used to wear the signature yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet (it finally wore out). To some, it signifies cancer survival. To some, it signifies perseverence. To me, it still signifies a … Continue reading

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Creating Memories…The Brain Ninja Way!

It must be an inherent boy thing: Dirt, fish, fire, farting, hiking and spitting. If not then we must’ve done something wrong last weekend. I took the kiddos down to … Continue reading

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POLITICS! Where Compromise is a Four Letter Word

  Is it election season in America? Oh yeah the countless political ads wouldn’t let me forget. With that come countless articles, advertisements, blogs, analyses and dinner-table arguments (aren’t those … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Should Open Vegetarian Restaurants

Originally posted on Journalism Jargon:
English: The mdonalds logo from the late 90s (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By Krista Brooks Published September 5, 2012 – The Daily 49er McDonald’s Corp.…

October 3, 2012 · 7 Comments

Pumpkin Pie…From A Pumpkin? People Do That?

We took the boys to a farm a couple of days ago. Aside from the various vegetables we got to feed our never-ending appetite for all things vegetarian, the boys … Continue reading

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