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Creating Memories…The Brain Ninja Way!

It must be an inherent boy thing: Dirt, fish, fire, farting, hiking and spitting.

If not then we must’ve done something wrong last weekend. I took the kiddos down to the Hohn Scout Camp at the Lake of the Ozarks. I’ve been camping a million times but this one was a little more fun than usual. For starters, the camp is huge and it’s owned by the Boy Scouts of America, which means there weren’t just random people there.

There were about 60 boys there plus scout leaders and parents. For two days, all we did was “play” and “have fun.” I put that in quotes because that’s what the boys thought we were doing. Bwah ah ah ah AHHHH.

As they get older and start drifting away from home (yeah I already think of these things and they’re only 7 and 4), they will start choosing friends, girls and sports over being at home with mom and dad. Maybe more like girls, friends and then sports. Or possibly girls, girls and sports. Or just girls. Okay I’ll stop now.

I’m like a silent ninja though. They don’t realize it but I’ll always be there. They’ll always be able to point back to times like last weekend when we didn’t just have “fun” and catch some fish. I am 28-years-old and I remember camping and fishing with my dad. This stuff is important. I am strategically putting unforgettable memories in their heads. We bonded as a family, a scout pack and as human beings. They’ll never be able to escape those great memories of eating s’mores in the dirt. I let Jaxson wipe his hands on his pants all weekend too, take that mom! There were no rules other than be safe and stay close to camp.

Yeah we caught some cool fish, we built a campfire that may have been a little too large and henceforth not so safe and we also ate well. At the end of the day though, that was all secondary to my primary mission.

This is a mission I encourage ALL dads to have. CREATE MEMORIES. My kiddos will grow up and they will move forward in life. When that happens, I will be damn sure they’ll be ready to take on this crazy world with good intentions, good hearts and memories that will always bring them back home. That’s how I’m a ninja….they’ll be dads and husbands one day and when they have a bad day, i’ll creep in and ninja them with cool “kid” memories and make their day a little brighter.

That’s family, and I’m just getting started….Join me.


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