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When Our Heroes Fall: Lance Armstrong

I used to wear the signature yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet (it finally wore out). To some, it signifies cancer survival. To some, it signifies perseverence. To me, it still signifies a reality in my life and the world around us that we should never be satisfied. Don’t misunderstand what that means. Think about it. One can be content, but contentment does not necessarily equate to satisfaction. I’m content with the two awesome kids I have. I’m content with my wife. I’m content with what I have and where I am in life, but I’m not satisfied. I know I can do more, earn more, be more. That’s the fundamental meaning in a LIVESTRONG bracelet for me.

For a very long time I have looked up to Lance Armstrong. I’ve always believed if he could overcome cancer and against all odds rise to fame through hard work, some luck and perseverance then I have no excuse for not using my natural talents and work ethic to set an example for my children. I believe when an individual chooses to have children, he or she loses the right to be lazy, to be “satisfied.”

As we all know, Armstrong is a cheater. He knowingly used illegal performance-enhancing drugs over the course of his spectacular career and then lied about it. He lied to donors of his foundation, he lied to sponsors and most importantly, he lied to you and me. When the news broke and I read the evidence and all of the available facts, I almost cried. I am literally devastated that such an American icon can so massively deceive all of us and then fall so hard from grace. I looked up to him as a person, not as an iconic athlete. The recent revelations shake my beliefs to the core.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Lance Armstrong may have started LIVESTRONG, but I refuse to let his personal shortcomings change my attitude about the meaning of LIVESTRONG. I believe Armstrong is a good person, I really do. I believe good people sometimes make poor choices. Those closest to me know i’m a testament to that. I believe he is one of the hardest working athletes out there, even if he did cheat. However I will never morally be able to condone his behavior. With that, I say we move on. Stand up. Fight back. Refuse to let his deceit tarnish such an amazing organization that continues to contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to cancer research.

“Why do we fall down, Bruce? To learn to get back up.” –Batman’s dad

A mentor told me once that to find out who the winners are around you, you have to push them. Why? Because winners push back. One difference between a winner and loser is after 12 times of getting knocked down, the winner will get up for round 13 while most settle for “good enough.” The winner says “no, not me. I can do it. I will either make it or I will die trying.”

Will I still wear the LIVESTRONG bracelet? You’re God damn right I will. I ordered one today. Why? Because I believe in LIVESTRONG, because I believe in ME, and I believe in YOU.

Join me, and let’s keep moving forward.

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