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Switching From iPhone to Android…It Only Lasted 4 Days

Every person I know had the same reaction: “You did what?” I was eligible to upgrade from my iPhone 4S this past Sunday. I casually strolled into the Verizon Wireless store to pick up the new iPhone 5 (understanding there was going to be a couple weeks waiting time) and then I got to thinking. I thought, “maybe I’ll give this Samsung Galaxy s3 a shot.” It’s got Android’s newer operating system called Ice Cream Sandwich and the sales guy told me how great it is.

So I did it. I figured this way, I will either KNOW I like it or do not and if I don’t like it I can just return it in 14 days. Of course that’s after the obligatory $35 restocking fee. Well it didn’t go well. Four days later I brought it back to the store and swore I’d wait for the iPhone 5.

Here’s a quick recap:

First off for the Android lovers…YES the Galaxy s3 has more features. YES it’s a very advanced and cool phone. The ability to customize and have widgets and the higher resolution screen is very cool. Definitely score for Android. That is THE ONLY benefit to the Galaxy s3, in my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

At first I liked the larger screen too, until I realized it’s too big to “one-hand” it. When I’m driving (yeah I know it’s not safe) or walking on campus, the last thing I want to do is use both hands. I found while dialing or texting, it’s much more difficult to text unless I can use both hands. However when I do use both hands, the larger keyboard is nice.

The iPhone is MUCH more durable. Specifically the new iPhone 5, which is made of beveled aluminum and glass. NOT plastic and more plastic. Android lovers keep telling me “You can’t even remove the battery on the iPhone, that’s dumb.” Why the hell do I ever need to remove the battery?


I don’t care what the sales people say about processor speed, the Android was significantly slower than my iPhone 4S. No comparison. Oh my GOD and don’t even get me started on “S-Voice,” Android’s competitor with Siri. It sucks. Siri has attitude. If I tell Siri to shut up, she’ll tell me to be nice. S-Voice just searches the internet after getting confused. Dumb.

I’ve talked to several Android fanatics and each tells me how much more their phone will do over an iPhone, or how much cooler it is or how much of a bigger screen it is, etc. You know what I haven’t found? A former iPhone 4S user who switched to Android and is actually happy. I’m sure some exist but my point is this: Most critics of the iPhone haven’t actually had one. Playing with it on the sales room floor doesn’t mean you know about it.

Here’s my bottom line. Think of it as a new car purchase. I could choose to get the cheapest model of the S-Class Mercedes with absolutely no extra features, no GPS, not even a moon roof or back-up sensor. Then, I could choose to get the top of the line Nissan Altima. It could be totally tricked out with GPS, moon roof, premium sound and the back-up sensors. The price may even come out to be the same.

Does that make the Nissan a better car? Nope. It may have a few more features but the Mercedes will win every time. It’s built  better, it has a higher resell value and it’s got better ratings.

So why don’t I like Android? Simple. Because it’s not iPhone.

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