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Liberal America Has Arrived And It’s Not Going Anywhere

Credit: MotherJones

Yet again I am trying to break down a political concept without talking politics! Why do I do this to myself? At either rate, listen up! This one’s a good one.

The title says it all….America isn’t the conservative state we once knew. The growth of the millennials, the aging boomer population and the much more inclusive and tolerant nature of society is helping usher in (in my opinion) one of the most massive shifts in society you or I will ever see.

With President Obama’s huge win in the 2012 election, the Democrats gaining even more in the senate, the realization by many that climate change actually is occurring and most importantly, the acceptance and small victories in marriage equality are collectively anchoring this shift. I believe when everything is compared, America is largely changing. Not just changing, but transforming progressively into a newer America. Good or bad, it is happening. Agree or disagree, it will continue.

Obama’s reelection has effectively ensured the survival of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). He has effectively implemented a liberal government in motion (no value judgement, I’m just stating the fact) and this will continue for a very long time. His ideology commands him to rely on a more government-centric society, one where the government does much more than his conservative counterparts would prefer. We see that in the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), we see that in Obamacare, we see it in tax increases on the rich and the expansion of social programs. I’m not saying this is bad or that I disagree, I’m saying this is the new norm. Progressive America. Do I think Obama is a bad guy? Nope. I believe he’s very sincere, he’s a very ideological Democrat and he believes wholeheartedly in what he is doing in office. Am I a staunch Obama supporter? Also nope.

Credit: AP

Think I’m wrong? Let’s look at reality. He was widely elected in 2008, sweeping the McCain/Palin ticket (remember them?). His platform “hope and change” mobilized a nation. He has since passed a very divisive Obamacare, he pledged hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus that increased the deficit to over $16 trillion and social programs are now more wide than ever in history. Then what happened? He got reelected….by almost 3 million popular votes. By 126 electoral votes. He won every swing state except one. That is America loud and clear: “We want Barack Obama.”

Where’s the Tea Party? I have no idea, please let me know if you see them. They’re non-existent to a large degree. Sure there’s some die-hards out there but they have began to evaporate. Again…don’t believe me? Then look at fact. The Tea Party wasn’t even mentioned at the RNC this year. Why? Because even the Republican party doesn’t appear to believe in it or want to be associated with it. It’s a sinking ship.

What else is important? How about the fact that America now has its first openly lesbian senator? Tammy Baldwin was elected in Wisconsin while openly lesbian, big change. How about marriage equality? It passed in Maine and Maryland, the first states to ever pass such legislation endorsing gay couples. Climate change? I would argue that Sandy helped Obama big time there. Not to trivialize the loss of life but the facts show scientifically that our climate is changing. Be it from our use of its finite resources or other factors is up to you to argue, but it is changing. How about the ballot measures in Colorado and Washington state that legalized marijuana consumption and growth for personal use? This is further evidence that the new era of liberal America is at hand.

One more tidbit….most colleges are much more liberal than conservative. Here at the University of Missouri, the student-run newspaper The Maneater openly endorsed every single democratic candidate on the ticket and they’re not alone. (Correction: The Maneater endorsed Missouri Senator Kurt Schaefer, a Republican). The millennials are largely liberal. How will this play out historically? Anyone can use deductive reasoning to answer that, just look at what President Lincoln said.

“The philosophy in the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” –Abraham Lincoln

I thought it was very intriguing how CNN described the Republican party….

“The problem with the Republican party in today’s environment is that it’s too old, too white and too conservative.”

Boom. I couldn’t agree more. Especially with Obama getting over 70% of the Latino vote, over 90% of the black vote and 73% of the Asian vote. Further, he won 60% of the “aged 18-29 year old” vote compared to Romney’s 36%. How about the LGBTQ community? I can’t say specifically but it’s a known fact that community usually leans liberal.

This is a harsh, harsh wakeup call. Republicans: Wake up. This is America in 2012, not America in 1960. If you don’t evolve with the changing landscape of the country, of MY country, of YOUR country….you will continue to lose. Did you know that a Republican has only won the popular vote twice in the last 25 years?


Here’s where the rubber meets the road. The future of the Republican party as we know it today will largely be dependent on how adaptive it becomes in the very near future. As the party stands now, it’s on the wrong side of history.

As the title says….This is Liberal America, and it’s here to stay. Good or bad.


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